Waterspell Jewelry pieces are hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon, from natural and high quality materials.  You’ll find an eclectic collection of personal adornment–from casual to elegant–for expressing your own unique style.

Making jewelry connects me to the natural world. Inspiration is all around–sun glinting on water, a breeze rippling through shimmering grasses, leaves on wet pavement, a patch of stunning red clover flashing by on the side of the road.  I try to capture and distill these colors, textures, and light into tangible, wearable objects of adornment—little bits of beauty to brighten your day.

Making jewelry also makes me feel connected to the long history of human creativity.  Personal adornment is part of the earliest glimmerings of the human spirit all around the globe: our ancestors were creating and wearing beads as long ago as 38,000 B.C.  The first beads were made from animal bones, teeth, shells, fossils, berries, and seeds.   Later came amber, pearls, stones, clay, metal, and glass. When I string pearls, gemstones, and crystals, I’m part of a creative chain that stretches back millennia.

I work with natural stone, semi-precious and natural gemstones, pearls, crystals, glass, seed beads, silver, gold, copper, and bronze.  I always try to use the highest quality materials for my pieces, and I try to use reputable sources to insure this quality.  Whenever possible, I list all materials used in each piece of jewelry, unless I cannot positively identify a particular type of stone or material. I use high quality wire, stringing material, clasps, and findings, preferring precious metals whenever feasible.

Most of my pieces are one (or a few) of a kind.  Even though the specific items pictured on the website may no longer be available, they are representative, and you can always request something similar.  Currently available pieces can be found on my etsy site, linked on this website.